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Hi! I am Heikki and I am very anxious to take you to the Finnish Wilderness for a tour with me!

I am an experienced chef and explorer of the wild with tons of delicious food and hundreds of kilometres in the woods behind me! I am also a certified outdoors guide.

I fell in love for Lapland at my early days in the 70's. Ever since I have wanted to spend as much time in Lapland as possible. And now at my fifties, I want to take you with me! After inevitably changing my way of life few years back I have dedicated my life to healthy things - sports, healthy but delicious food, and nature.

I do endurance sports - triathlon, swimrun etc. - so I'm in very good physical shape to carry or pull (in shed in winter) our food and cooking equipment even in the longest tours!

For me hiking is 25 per cent of sports, 25 per cent of food and nutrition, and 50 per cent of enjoying nature and wilderness!