Food in the Woods

Food in the Woods include all kinds of meals enjoyed in the nature - prepared by your own personal chef! From coffee and a snack made in the open fire to multi-course dinner menu prepared totally without electricity or other modern facilities! Like in the old days.

Please check some of the selection available below. You can also visit my Pine Dining by - website at

Campfire Dinner

Planned to be prepared by the campfire. No electricity needed  - unless the menu is prepared and served in a cabin or a villa!

An example of five course Menu

Creamy lake fish soup

x x x

Carpaccio of local meat

x x x 

Char-grilled wild Whitefish, served with potatoes and camp fire hollandaise

x x x

Local Cheese

x x x

Dessert by Choice

and for finish

Campfire Coffee

Outdoor Meals

These examples we can prepare also together!

Smoked fresh fish

Finnish Fish soup

Risotto of Seasons wild mushrooms

Seared liver of elk or deer with garnish

Traditional Finnish lamb "rosvolammas" from the pothole

Campfire Coffee

Oatmeal porridge with berries

Open fire Crepes

All meals prepared by the open fire, No electricity needed!

Hiking food -also vegan!

It is important to eat well while hiking!

Real hiking food, "retkiruoka" or "turmat" is well preserving food that can be carried in your back pack while hiking long ways even in the summer.

It is light to carry, easy to prepare, and high on nutrition - but also comforting and delicious! It is well-prepared in advance. Dried and packed.

For my tours I plan all meals from breakfast to lunch and dinner to snacks - to provide all energy needed in order to recover from the day's exercise.

Delicious food is a big part of enjoyment during hiking tours! It is also luxorious as it is prepared by your own private chef.

I also do fully vegan hiking tours! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions concerning food!